50 Perfect Christmas Gifts & Wishes for People with Fibromyalgia

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Do you have a friend or family member who suffers from fibromyalgia? Christmas provides a great opportunity for you to demonstrate how much you care about them, by being especially thoughtful when it comes to choosing a gift. Keep in mind that the person you’re buying a gift for is more than an illness. While their symptoms should be considered when buying a present, nothing beats a personal, well-thought-out gift given with love.

Are you looking for a gift for someone with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or chronic pain? While we certainly can’t define people by their illness alone, there are some commonalities those of us with these conditions share that can make certain gifts fabulous and other gifts failures. We asked a question to our community “What would be the perfect Christmas gift /wishes for people with fibromylgia !!!”, They have shared their thoughts with us:

Biggest gift – A CURE

Here are few suggestion they have given us:

1. House plants can help create a healthy and pleasant environment, so they might seem perfect for someone who spends most of their time at home

2. A lot of good books

3. Gift of Video-streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime)

4. Magazine subscription 

5. Video Games as according to one research it helps in treating fibro pain.

6. Soothing music is a good option for many and it’s actually therapeutic, so possible gifts could include music-download gift cards, CDs, an MP3 player, or good headphones. 

7. Warm socks, a cozy bathrobe, plush slippers or other warm clothing may be a good choice as well.

8. SAD (Seasonal  Affective Disorder) lamp.

9. Essential oils can be a great gift for anyone that suffers from fibromyalgia, with reported benefits ranging from an improvement in sleep patterns, relief for tired and achy joints, as well as from tension headaches.

10. A heated mattress pad or heated sheets, an electric brush that blow dries your hair, shower chair, a Boston puppy ( I miss ours , he’s in heaven) books or a Kindle Fire

11. Beautiful Pet because it helps in healing pain according to research.

12. CBD lotion works great. Click here to Read Facts about CBD Oil 

13. Hot tub put in the back yard

14. A good doctor

15. A cure , housekeeper , less pain & fatigue

16. Heated socks and knee supports.

17. I’d just like to have a come recliner for my bedroom

18. Maid,cook,less pain, more energy

19. Receiving an excellent massage by someone who understands fibromyalgia is a treat!

20. A jacuzzi tub!

21. Gift certificates for a pedicure and a house keeper one day a month. It is the pulling out of furniture ,etc. that is almost impossible to do anymore.

22. A Doctor who was compassionate and was not afraid to treat this disease.

23.  A pill to take away the pain completely!

24. Never to have to fight to get pain medication

25. I get a massage once a month. I have a great massage therapist. Wish I could afford once a week.


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26. A cure would be good but Santa could bring me a hydrotherapy pool.

27. A certificate signed by everyone saying we believe you !!!

28. A big bathtub with jets

29. A night of passion with Tom Hardy

30. Jetted spa bath with built in heater and a lifetime supply of Epsom salts and various essential oils…
And a medical grade tense unit with medical heat packs

31. A healthy meal delivery service for dinners.

32. Housekeeper Unlimited Supply of Epsom salt 1 hour massage each day

33. To get a new job where my boss doesn’t make me cry

34. Massage, pedicure, kitchen aid mixer so I don’t have to stir anymore. LOL

35. A second chance of life with peace and no pain

36. Gift certificates for flotation therapy and for Myer’s Cocktail w/Glutathione IV therapy. And to add to it…have it all done at my house! Perfect!!!!

37. To not feel the effects of chemo and the fibromyalgia flare chemo brings on all over Christmas

38. A massage and a weekend get away of being pampered

39. A donation in their name to a major advocacy/research group dedicated to their illness.

40. Gift cards for online retailers—or local stores with an online presence—may be a better choice.

41. A vacation where it is warm and dry so I can be pampered without a care in the world.

42. I am buying myself a heated massage chair..

43. A heated blanket or weighted blanket!

44. I just want to go to Jamaica and swim with the dolphins. My life long wish.

45. That everyone would be cured of fibro.

46. A maid sounds pretty good but she has to also do laundry and cook… Great Gift

47. Hot tub and a warm water exercises.

48. I so agree a nice massage from someone who understands people who have fibromyalgia

49. Free day just to relax.

50. Tens Unit.

So what would be your favorite gift among these list? or what would you want. 


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