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Non-inflammatory pain and tenderness in muscles, ligaments and joints are the key features of fibromyalgia. A variety of physical, mental and social influences are the causes behind fibromyalgia. These causes therefore respond well to the multi-modality approach of Maharishi Ayurveda.

No specific cause has been pointed out for fibromyalgia though many things life genetic factors, lifestyle, mental stress, disturbed digestive system, physical traumas and sleep disturbances are suspected behind the pathology. From Ayurvedic perspectives, poor nourishment, disturbed digestion and accumulation of toxins (ama) in channels appear to be the causes of the syndrome.

Ayurvedic Fibromyalgia treatment

Fibromyalgia certainly reflects pathetic digestion; channels blocked by toxins and damaged dhatus (tissues), according to Ayurveda. Generally all three doshas are out of order though vata often dominates the clinical picture.

The main focus of Ayurvedic treatment is to balance of the disturbed body and strengthen the muscles and nervous system. Toxins are cleansed from the body channels and digestion is improved to prevent the recurrence of their accumulation. Stress reducing techniques such as yoga, pranayama and meditation are also recommended, in addition to diet and lifestyle adjustments to remove the causative factors.

What causes Fibromyalgia?

Imbalance of nervous system

Fibromyalgia is an imbalanced state of vata energy according to Ayurveda. The physiological principle at the basis of nervous system stability and activation is called vata. A state of vata imbalance means the pitta (metabolism) and kapha (immunity) are also thrown out of balance. Read More on Fibro as Central Nervous system disorder Here

Stress buildup

Fibromyalgia can be triggered by stress. Stress at work or in the family, stress caused by life-changing events, a history of abuse, physical ailments such as infections and allergies are all triggering factors for fibromyalgia.

Accumulation of toxins and impurities

Toxins (ama) and excess vata are the main pathogenic factors in fibromyalgia. Toxins accumulate through consumption of improper diet and/or weak digestion. When toxins accumulate in the tissues and block the channels, they can cause tenderness, pain and hypersensitivity.

For stress management following programs is available during your in-residence stay at The Raj:

Home remedies

  • Mix a combination of ashwagandha powder, shatavari powder and bala root powder in equal quantities and store in glass bottle. Take one teaspoon of this with warm milk or water twice daily.
  • Make a crushed preparation of dried ginger root, celery seeds and cumin seeds in equivalent quantities, put in rock salt to taste and have 1 teaspoon with water at bedtime.
  • Massage your whole body gently with lukewarm sesame oil and follow with hot fomentation. It is effective in relieving fatigue.

Herbalized oil massage

On a daily basis herbalized oil massage provides a deeply soothing and harmonizing effect to the whole nervous system. Warmth and resistance is created by the motion of massage which improves circulation and help wash the areas of chemical impurities that could be irritating and hyper sensitizing to nerve tissues.

The mixture of herbs that have been boiled into base oil, and the oil itself, are particularly selected for their Vata balancing influence. The oil facilitates the herbs to deeply go through the tissue beds, thus balancing the nerve tissues in the damaged areas. Specific herbalized oil will be chosen by Your Ayurveda Health Consultants that is separately prepared for your situation.

Ayurveda herbalized massage is of two types and they are included in your program: before you take your shower Herbalized self-massage for 5-10 minutes in the morning is involved in your home program. A particular stroke used over joints, ligaments, muscles and different parts of the body is the Special procedure of Ayurveda massage that will be instructed to you. Very particular massage for you during the in-residence part of your program will be performed by highly trained Ayurveda technicians daily perform, using oils in which as many as 50 herbs have been cured. These daily oil massages are a cornerstone of the in-residence cleansing process.

Diet and lifestyle advice

Taking care of digestion and maintaing good fitness levels hold key in this disease. Proper food timings, light food and mainly vegetarian meals protect gastric fire and avoid production of toxins. Avoiding incompatible combinations like eating fish and milk together or milk and jaggery together is desirable. Doing Yogasan and Sooryanamaskar strengthen the muscles and improve fitness. Click Here to read on “Fibromyalgia Diet: What to Eat and what not to eat”

Ayurvedic detox (panchakarma)

Panchakarma is the bio-purification method in ayurvedic medicine. It is an ideal treatment for managing fibromyalgia as it cleanses the cells and treats the root cause of the disease. The program consists of three main stages: preparing the body, releasing and eliminating the impurities, and rejuvenating the tissues.

Cleansing the gut and intestine is the core of ayurvedic detox and it includes purgation therapy (cleansing of upper gut) and enema (cleansing of lower gut). To prepare the tissues for mobilising and releasing the toxins, you begin by taking medicated ghee (internal oleation) at home. The ghee penetrates every cell of your body and works as a carrier to move the toxins from your tissues into the digestive tract where they are expelled. The treatments you receive in the clinic keep the body primed to do its natural process of detoxifying.

 Ayurvedic massage with herbalised oil, herbal paste massage, full body herbal steam bath (swedana), and medicated enemas (vasti) are the treatments included. As the toxins move out of the tissues and into the alimentary canal, the treatments focus on removing them from the bowel. When your panchakarma is complete, your tissues and digestive tract will feel clean and ‘as new’. Your doctor then advises you on how to rebuild your tissue strength and immunity through healthy diet and lifestyle.

Managing lifestyle and psychological health and wellbeing

Avoid worry, hurry, fear, stress, grief and anxiety. Manage stress with practices like meditation, yoga, and spiritual activity. If you or somebody you know is experiencing symptoms of fibromyalgia, get in touch with the ancient science of healing, Ayurveda. We are ready to deal with your fibromyalgia with our team of skilled doctors and therapists using the natural tools of healing At Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness Centre.

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