16 Little Things Partners Have Done for Their Loved Ones With Chronic Illness

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Few things that may seem normal to you, but being sick these small act of kindness means alot to person who is suffering from chronic illness. So We have asked a question to our community “Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness” that If you have a chronic illness, what’s a little (seemingly) thing your partner has done for you that touched your heart? . Lots of them have shared their things.

Biggest things that someone can do is understanding your illness that its not in our head and we are suffering from very tough love. Their love can’t cure us, but it help in boosting our spirit to fight with our illness.

Here is what community shares with us:

1. Anna Marie Garner –  My partner knows how much of my medicines I take and how often so he can prepare them for trips and bring them to me whenever I forget

2. Susan Forbes – With out asking he will bring home something I love to eat that maybe I don’t get to often. Like special ice cream, candy bar, drink or a meal of my favorite foods that he prepared. He was just thinking of me.

3. Pam Ballard Hoach   My husband does so much for me that it’s too much to list. One little thing he has been doing lately is when he leaves for work in the morning he will cover me with his blanket. I will wake up and find it on me and I feel so protected. It’s like he is leaving me a gentle hug

4. Fiona Wood- My hubby said he’d rather have life with me as I am (chronically ill with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia ) than not have me at all. That sentence meant so much. I cried of course

5. Denice McMurtrey Rupp- When my hubby cooks dinners on the weekends he always serves me my plate. I love it. It’s so special.

6. Meaghon Morrison I believe fibromyalgia steals your soul. Today I thank my husband for putting some spark back in my eyes with this fun idea to enjoy my morning cuppa  without having to go through the pain of moving too much ? ( I have a kink in my neck & shoulder) ?? Read more on this here “I think my husband for putting some spark back into my eyes”

7. Jennifer Honaberger – Didnt realize how much my hubby pays attention to what i do daily till i had a medical scare n couldn’t speak for myself…he was able to communicate all my issues to the er doctor all except my meds and he stayed by my side till i was strong enough to be on my own…waited on me for everything…never seen anyone care so much for me till this happened…..

8. Gloria Martin I was crying because the house was dirty and I couldn’t get up to clean it.and he said don’t you worry about..just stay on bed and relax.??that made me feel so loved.

9. Chavon Thompson My husband often gives me massages when he sees I’m in a lot of pain and my professional massage is days or weeks away. Mornings are difficult for me and he always cooks me breakfast and coffee to start my day off.

10. Louise Blair I told my partner that my doctor suggested Fibromyalgia so he spent hours researching it, learning what parts of me he can’t touch, finding out what he can do to ease my symptoms.

11. Gina Whitcombe He makes sure he’s available to take me to every medical appointment .

12. Lisa Harvin On days I’m hurting bad and hard to stand. I’ve been using a old bar stool to sit on to do dishes cooking ECT. In the kitchen. My boyfriend took it and redid it. Painted it and put rolling wheels on. Totally amazing. I luv it. ?

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13. Jessica Streed – Taken my hands, kissed my forehead and said, “what can I do for you! How can I make you feel better?


14. Vickie May Swales – My husband will fill the whirlpool tub with hot water, Epsom salts and lavender oil and light all the candles in my bathroom “spa” so it’s ready when I get home after a bad pain day. And he does all the laundry, vacuuming, floor washing and dusting.

15. Denise Barton Rader – My husband took over all the household chores, I don’t do anything except eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, he helps me shower, get dressed , cooks cleans the house, does the laundry and cleans me up when I have an accident. He won’t leave the house more than 2 hours at a time in case I need help. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. We’ve been married 42 yrs. and I’m don’t know where I would be without him. He also made a notebook of all medical records he takes to all my appointments, the Drs are always impressed…

16. Alana Waldron – He opens all drinks for me. Cans and bottles. He knows my hands don’t always work and I’m too stubborn and embarrassed to admit it. Baths and dresses toddler because I don’t have the physical strength to wrestle her into clothes. Makes coffee and leaves it beside my bed because it takes a minute to shake the sedatives and cramps in the morning.

17. Lollie van der Linde – I’m an artist and ‘earn’ my own pocket money from my drawings. I love it although it’s getting more difficult to sit for long hours to draw. Standing doesn’t help either.. too much pain. I’ve started experimenting with essential oils, magnesiums etc… to just find that ‘something’ that might help some more along side medications. 

Each time he takes me to town to go do my ‘oils’ shopping he refuses to let me pay for anything. He encourages met to not stop searching and has blessed me so much with that. I’ve formulated a few products and he is my very patient, and willing ‘guinea pig’ even though he doesn’t have Fibro, or peripheral neuropathy,…or allodynia as i do. He calls me his very own ‘witch doctor’.. too sweet. Loving his encouragement and support!

I think us who have so much pain often feel that we can’t ‘contribute’ much because we’re so ridden with symptoms most of the time. Me being able to ‘treat’ his usual pains and sprains makes me feel wonderful and has given me a goal to work towards… FINDING that ‘something’ that may cure us all ,smiling here!

Whats something that your partner does touches your heart, let us know in comments below. If you want to join our support community, click here.

Advice for other Husband:

I would like other husbands to understand that everything they do is appreciated. It is very hard to be happy with such a draining disease like fibromyalgia. If your wife is smiling, you have made a big impact on her day. Dear Husband please tries to keep us smiling and this is great medicine. Please don’t give up on your partners. They don’t want to be ‘that person’ either.  ?

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