New Year Resolutions for Fibromyalgia Patients

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New year is a time to reflect and set new goals and resolutions so we have asked a question “Being a fibro warrior, what would be your New year resolutions.” to our community “Living with Fibromyalgia“. A lot of warriors participated in the thread and share their resolutions with us. We have compiled their resolutions for you as may you want it for yourself too. Many of members have aim to start exercise and lose weight.

Here is what community share with us:

1. Start some exercise like daily walking. or warm water exercise to relieve fibro pain

2. Try not to talk about it so much. No one cares and they are tired of listening about it.

3. To accept the fact I’m sick and am going to be sick. And that I can only do what I can do and the rest can wait for another day.

4. Loose some weight that has come with everything else it has brought upon my body!

5. To go back to work. Read Secrets of people who can’t work due to fibromyalgia.

6. More meaning travel & activities – not just ones that ware me out & are stressful. (Like staying in a town to house sit for a friend for free, but end up working on it or going shopping without purpose & getting exhausted when I could shop online & spend my energy walking my dogs instead!)

7. Relocate to a medical marijuana legal state.

8. That I’m stronger than I ever thought and to let small things go. To quit pushing myself like I have something to prove and start taking care of me.

9. Continue and increase my intake of CBD oil. Walking everyday. Upping it to 2 times a day. Making my place more organized.

10. Keep fighting for my disability and dont give up.

11. Taking better care of myself putting myself FIRST , mentally, physically and emotionally!

12. Accepting me and my illness. Lovingly . Not fighting against me all day . I do what I can reach without feeling inadequate or ” not enough”. I want to exercise with another attitude. NOT : “I have to! you gained too much weight! go on – you ugly wimp! Fight! No triumph without ‘umph’!…”

No !my new mantra shall be:”I enjoy doing something for me. A walk in the woods, searching and enjoying the birds and fresh green is a physical and mental exercise ! I am not a wimp – I fought /fight daily! I am a warrior. So calm down. I still/ at least can walk ! yeah!!”

13. Being able to keep one foot in front of the other as always I live day by day a day staying out of bed is a good day, hope to have more, But I don’t put more pressure on myself I don’t make resolutions. I just enjoy a glass of wine

14. To work on feeling better through eating healthier, slowly exercise to learn my limits and slow down!

15. Give up sugar carving, because sugar flare up fibro symptoms.

16. To start yoga, or similar.

17. Be able to ride my therapy horse in competitions instead of having no energy or motivation due to the extreme pain, especially the burning feet thing.

18. Think positive. Right now I’m so depressed & down. My life sucks. Constant pain & fatigue. Sleep all day & night. Don’t get much accomplished. I totally need a better attitude & energy. And make myself get up exercise, walk & work. I would give my leg or arm to have energy & be somewhat normal.

19. Take your time and don’t feel pressured by other people’s expectations as they will never understand unless they have it .

20. To be free to have the freedom to be able to compete the things I want to do but cannot, stay out of my bed and spend time with family friends visiting places stress free irratation, just to be normal,I’m fed up of hurting. .

21. Eat more nutritious meals, drink more water and be nice to myself. Follow good fibromyalgia diet.

22. To be able to get some house work done and sleep at night without my bones n muscles hurting I have had aqudreple bypass surgery n I also have an lvad on the left side of my heart to keep me alive I call it y mecancancle heart I have to have batteres to keep it running but the fibromyalgia only adds to the pain I hope n pray they find a cure if not for me all the others out there that r suffering with this awful pain.

23. I am going to allow less stress to effect me, by letting what I can’t control go. Hence less emotionally caused flares to happen

24. Continue to focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t do; it helps.  Continue to pace myself so I can achieve little things that add up to big things over time. Continue to do the daily stretches that help. Continue swimming which helps build muscle and strength.

25. To be a more grateful each day for what i can do and the for help i receive, to be kinder to myself for all i cannot do, yet try, for all those who deal with this horrendous illness for the health and for happiness of my family and myself. and to join a fibromyalgia support group for venting, discussions and support. Click here to join

If you have fibromyalgia, what’s a resolution you have for 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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