Fibromyalgia Center of Excellence Opening in 2019

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Over 5 million people are effected  from fibromyalgia and this number is constantly increasing. It is also called an invisible illness as people cannot see the way where people hurt from the disease. Usually, Fibromyalgia is a quite severe situation that the victims experience and its signs should be identified. So Fibromyalgia Resources(FR) have compiled a report on fibromyalgia and discuses different things related to fibromyalgia that everyone should be aware of.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia’s name comes from “fibro” (the Latin term for fibrous tissue), “myo” (the Greek word for muscle) and “algia” (the Greek word for pain). According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, an estimated 3% to 6% of the world’s population suffers from the condition: about 450 million people, including at least 10 million in the United States.

Fibromyalgia is a bewildering and largely misunderstood disorder characterized by widespread pain and tenderness accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory issues, and gastrointestinal concerns. Because the array of possible symptoms is so extensive (and there remains no clear consensus on how to diagnose the disorder), many feel lost as to what is affecting them and what to do about it.

The most important thing to remember is that fibromyalgia may be poorly understood, but it is very real. By becoming more aware of the signs and symptoms of the disorder, you can help your doctor help you identify fibromyalgia and access treatment that may greatly improve your quality of life.

Fibromyalgia Care Society of America

Founded in 2015, the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America (FCSA) is devoted to revolutionizing how fibromyalgia is cared for in this country by introducing a comprehensive holistic approach to care, family supports and support groups.

The organization was founded by Mildred Velez, who has been living with fibromyalgia since 2007, in response to the lack of direct services for those living with fibromyalgia and to the dearth of dedicated medical care and support. Mildred, along with a dedicated board of trustees, has developed a concise and direct approach to helping those living with fibromyalgia and their families. The FCSA is committed to the highest standard of care and services that also promotes equality in care so that everyone living with fibromyalgia is able to take advantage of care regardless of their socioeconomic status and geographical location.

The FCSA is committed to a holistic and cutting-edge approach to services, which will be offered through three key areas: Centers of Excellence, Fibro Cares and Empowerment Groups.

The mission of the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America (FCSA) is to provide education, care and supportive services to individuals living with fibromyalgia, their families and the community at large. FCSA will also work to educate medical providers on the appropriate diagnostic, care and treatment of those living with this condition.


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Fibromyalgia Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence model is not new to the care of diseases ranging from cancer to cystic fibrosis. The approach is simple: work with leading medical colleges and teaching hospitals throughout the country to offer elite multidisciplinary care. As such, the FCSA is currently working with several leading hospitals throughout the country to develop the standards of care model that will be utilized to care for those living with fibromyalgia.

The FCSA will launch its Center of Excellence Program with a dedicated facility that will offer training and coordinated care to individuals across the country. This facility will be the model replicated throughout the country in subsequent years. At an FCSA Center of Excellence you can expect to find a team of medical and care professionals who have the most up-to-date education on the care of fibromyalgia.

The care team will include nutritionists; holistic care management, physical therapy, mental health support and additional services. Most importantly, individuals who are underinsured or have no insurance will be able to receive care and support regardless of their financial capabilities.

At these world-class facilities, patients benefit from expert neurologists, mental health specialists, therapists, counselors and other professionals who have deep experience working with families affected by fibromyalgia and who work collaboratively to help families plan the best fibromyalgia care program.

FCSA announced that they are launching a Fibromyalgia Center of Excellent Program (COE) for people suffering from fibromyalgia. They have raised the funding necessary to identify and help fund the first COE aimed at the treatment of fibromyalgia. Letters of interest will be requested in early January. They hope to have the program operational by mid-2019. FSCA Board President and founder Mildred Velez said medical centers and the physicians who treat fibromyalgia are encouraged to reply.

“We think we can start something here that can help the medical community at large to understand and treat each fibromyalgia patient with his or her own care plan,” Velez told the National Pain Report.

“Fibromyalgia receives a lot of stigma and lack of empathy from the medical community and the community at large,” she said. “Conditions and diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s all have institutions and therapeutic approaches devoted to research, coordinated clinical care and treatment. Up until now, there have been no concerted efforts to do this for fibromyalgia.”

“I was very fortunate to arrive at my diagnosis very early into developing symptoms because my mother has fibromyalgia” said Francisco Martinez, a US Marine. “There are millions out there who aren’t so fortunate.”


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  • 1. The Center will offer coordinated care and professional resources for medical providers.
  • 2. The Center will offer multidisciplinary care, diagnostic and treatment at one location-pretty much a one stop shop for fibromyalgia care.
  • 3. The Center will offer equality in care to ensure that everyone living with fibromyalgia is able to manage this condition and live their best lives regardless of their socioeconomic.
  • 4. The Center program will serve as the pilot model for the rest of the country by developing standards of care and best practices for fibromyalgia treatment.

Last but not least, The Center will be overseen by people living with fibromyalgia (FCSA).

What does Fibromyalgia feels like?

Fibromyalgia is a Constant pain that never goes that makes you feel like crying. Living with fibromyalgia is be like a Never ever being out of pain in some part of your body or your entire body is bruised. Almost like you’ve been sleeping on a hard floor and someone was kicking you all over. I feel Like I’m sick with a different ailment every day.

We have asked a question to our community “Living with Fibromyalgia and chronic illness” that what does fibromyalgia feels like?. More than 500 hundred people have taken part in the discussion and share their thoughts with us. Here we The Fibromyalgia Resources have compiled few of their comments which every fibromyalgia patient can relate and agrees with. Click Here to Read what fibro feels like.

How to test yourself for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia symptoms include widespread body pain, fatigue, poor sleep and mood problems. But all of these symptoms are common to many other conditions. And because fibromyalgia symptoms can occur alone or along with other conditions, it can take time to tease out which symptom is caused by what problem.

To make things even more confusing, fibromyalgia symptoms can come and go over time. That’s why it can take a long time to go from fibromyalgia symptoms to a fibromyalgia diagnosis. Only a doctor can accurately diagnose fibromyalgia, but there are certain steps you can take to evaluate your own probability of having fibromyalgia. Click Here to read more in details.

How do you treat fibromyalgia

A Range of medications and alternative treatments are available to help relieve pain and other fibromyalgia symptoms, but so far fibromyalgia has no cure. You can try these option to ease up your pain. Few of them are like AVACEN, balneotheraphy ,Herbal Treatments are also available for fibromyalgia and there are very effective. Click Here to read 15 low cost and easy fibromyalgia treatments.

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